Morrow v. ANN Inc.

Welcome to Morrow v ANN Inc., Settlement Website

This website contains information regarding a proposed class action settlement that has been preliminarily approved by the Court in Morrow v. ANN Inc., NO. 1;16-cv-3340-JPO (S.D.N.Y.) (the "Action"). The Court has since revised certain deadlines associated with the settlement in a subsequent order.

If you are a Settlement Class Member, you may make a claim for an award of cash (worth approximately $5) or a voucher (worth approximately $12).


This lawsuit is about an alleged deceptive pricing scheme at Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet stores. Plaintiffs allege in their complaint that Defendant ANN Inc. ("ANN") misled customers about the quality and price of its outlet store merchandise by leading them to believe outlet merchandise was once sold in its retail stores when it was actually manufactured for exclusive sale in outlet stores, and by advertising discounts based on fictitious original or regular prices. Plaintiffs’ lawsuit alleges that ANN violated various federal and state consumer protection and false advertising laws. ANN denies all of the allegations made in the Action and denies that anyone was harmed as a result of anything ANN did.

The Court did not decide in favor of the Class Representatives or ANN. Instead, both parties agreed to a settlement. This way, they avoid the cost and burden of a trial and the people affected can get benefits. The Class Representatives and their attorneys think the settlement is best for all Class Members.


The settlement includes all persons identified in ANN’s business records as of July 25, 2017, who, from May 5, 2012 to May 4, 2016, purchased one or more items from ANN’s Ann Taylor Factory or LOFT Outlet stores offered at a discount from a regular or original price ("Settlement Class Members").

The settlement does not include: (a) the directors, officers, employees, and attorneys of ANN, its parents and subsidiaries, and any other entity in which ANN has a controlling interest; (b) governmental entities; (c) the Court, the Court’s immediate family, and Court staff; and (d) any person that timely and properly excludes himself or herself from the Settlement Class in accordance with the procedures approved by the Court.